Northland Heat Continues

Posted at: 07/17/2013 6:55 PM
Updated at: 07/17/2013 6:58 PM
By: Travis Dill

Sticky, humid weather hung around the Northland on Wednesday, but locals did find some relief by getting out to Lake Superior.

Dozens lined Park Point beaches by 10 a.m. Mary Malzahn said the beach was the spot to be as temperatures neared 90 for the second day in a row.

“Oh it's great, bit it's hot, so hot today. I didn't realize it was going to be so hot. I don't know the temperature, but being by the lake is good,” Malzahn said.

Still, the heat can be dangerous, especially for her two grandchildren, so she took steps to keep them hydrated.

“Oh we got umbrellas. We got water, fruit and just the cool lake,” Malzahn said.

A few miles up the Lakewalk Aaron Austin took his son for his first bike ride along the lake. But did the breeze keep them cool enough?

“You know, you'd have to ask him, but it's been really nice. He hasn't been too hot. I haven't seen him getting too sweaty yet,” Austin said.

Austin said it takes about 20 minutes to get his son prepped to handle all the sunshine.

“We load him up with so much sunscreen it's unbelievable, and then we always want to keep him as shaded as possible so the giant hat and sunglasses just keep him cool,” Austin said.

A family visiting from England rode by along the Lakewalk too.

“We're on a bike going for a long journey and it's very hot and tiring,” young Olivia Dargie said.

However she said she still prefers the heat to the weather in England, especially when she gets to enjoy a little tubing.

“Oh yeah we went to the lake on this pontoon boat and we sat on this ring and we went over the waves and in the air,” Dargi said.

Those are just a few ways people were trying to enjoy the return of summer here in the Northland. Northlanders should expect the heat to continue through Thursday.