Heat Wave Forces Many Northlanders Indoors

Posted at: 07/17/2013 10:25 PM
Updated at: 07/17/2013 10:33 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

It's day two of 90 degree weather in the Northland. The heat wave is pushing many people into nearby lake or beaches, but when it gets this hot some people just want to hide.

"It's very hot outside," Marcus Duluth Cinema Assistant Manager Jackie Wehr said. "They want somewhere to be cool."

Wehr said the theater is very busy on hot, humid days. She said Wednesday they sold more than 700 tickets compared to 300 tickets the day before.

"There's a lot of air conditioning," Lily Gruea said. "It's really cool in the movie theater. It's really nice."

The movie theater isn't the only place offering a little relief for your sunburned skin.

"We got a sign out front that says cold beer and AC," 7 West Taphouse Bar Manager Sam Fladeboe said. "It's very hot out, so they're coming in for beer."

Fladeboe said really hot days are good for business.

"It's too hot today," Fladeboe said. "When it gets up in the 90s, I don't want to be outside."