The Tall Ships Sail Away

Posted at: 07/29/2013 6:38 PM
Updated at: 07/29/2013 6:48 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

After five days of tours and sails, the tall ships are on their way to Chicago and a crowd came out to Canal Park to send them on their way.

Out on the big lake, the tall ships began their race to their next stop. The crowds as well as the sun came out for one last look.

"The weather was what it was, today is a beautiful day. It just threw us a curve ball over the weekend," said the event's executive director, Terry Mattson.

The weather this weekend was unpredictable with a sunny Thursday, a rainy Friday, and a chilly Saturday, but Mattson said the crowd was hardy.

"There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothes and they geared up," said Mattson.

Official numbers aren't in yet but Mattson estimates between 200-250,000 people came to see the ships.

Mattson said the rain and cold lead the crowd to local restaurants and businesses. He said the event brought in at least $15 million in direct spending.

"It's just a fun place a lot of nice things to do and tomorrow we are going to go to spirit mountain and ride the alpine coast and the zipline," said Roger McGowan of Fridley, Minnesota.

Mattson said he doesn't know when the Tall Ships will be back in Duluth. There are no concrete plans yet.