NRCC Spends $24K in New Anti-Nolan Ad

Posted at: 08/06/2013 9:27 PM
Updated at: 08/07/2013 10:20 AM
By: Zach Hammer

It looks like the election season is starting early. Real early.
Duluth is already seeing ads against 8th District Rep. Rick Nolan, even though Nolan isn't up for reelection until November 2014.
But Republicans are eager to get that seat back. It was occupied by Republican Chip Cravaack for two years before Nolan beat him in November.
Alleigh Marré, of the The National Republican Congressional Committee, says they spent $24,000 to run the new ads on local Duluth stations.
The new spot, which started running Tuesday, slams Rep. Nolan for voting against a recent veterans bill.
The ad claims Nolan "..voted against life-saving medical care. Against the benefits they earned for their families. Against job training to help them transition."
In a statement, Nolan's camp said he voted against the bill because "HR 2216 was not good enough for our vets."
Here is the full statement:
"Congressman Nolan is a strong and totally committed supporter of American veterans. The simple truth is HR 2216 was not good enough for our vets. The final bill put forward by the Republican majority woefully and shamefully underfunds job training, medical care, housing and other programs our vets need and deserve - while shoveling tens of billions of dollars into unnecessary programs and weapons systems our military leaders neither want nor need.  
Congressman Nolan believes our veterans deserve better than that, and we can and must leave no stone unturned to protect and serve them, as they have protected and served us. "