Looking Inside the Kestrel K-350

Posted at: 08/22/2013 8:51 PM
Updated at: 08/22/2013 10:35 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

Eyewitness News got a first look at the mock-up of an aircraft that, when in full production, could bring hundreds of jobs to the Twin Ports. It's the Kestrel K-350.

"When you sit in this you say, 'we've got it right, we're designing the right airplane for this market niche," said Kestrel COO Steve Serfling.

It has every luxury of a limousine, the Kestrel K-350 just happens to cruise at 31,000 feet. But not quite yet, the airplane sitting behind Kestrel's office in Superior is just a mock-up. It shows what the airplane will look like when it is finally ready to fly.

Serfling said the mock-up shows off all of its unique features, especially the state of the art avionics. It's called the Garmin G-3000 and it's the technology that helps the pilot fly.

The Kestrel mock-up is set up with six seats, but the design is all about versatility. The four back seats can be taken out, as well as the storage area for added cargo room.

"We can take out various elements out of the flexible storage area and convert it so you could put two mountain bikes plus a lot of luggage, skis, or six sets of golf clubs," said Serfling.

It's that versatility that Serfling says caters to their diverse clientele, from private owners to corporate businesses.

He also said while traveling around to air shows, the mock-up is already creating a buzz around the aviation community.

"People...just can't wait for this airplane to be marketed," said Serfling.

But Kestrel isn't selling any airplanes yet. They are still trying to secure funding for the project.