Minn. Students Gain in Science, Dip in Math Tests

Posted at: 08/27/2013 9:45 AM
Updated at: 08/27/2013 4:50 PM

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota's students saw a slight setback in standardized test scores in math this year, made small gains on the science test and struggled with a new reading test.

The Department of Education is releasing results of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment tests on Tuesday. The tests help determine whether a student is eligible to graduate.

On reading tests, just a little more than half of third through eighth and 10th grade students met or exceeded state expectations. The Department of Education attributes that to the new reading test implemented this year, which the agency says is more rigorous and meant to boost student achievement.

The department says the drop in math scores is because students in 2012 were allowed three chances on the math test, but only one try in 2013.

Among larger districts in the Northland, Hibbing and Virginia students fared the best with above-average scores on all three tests.  Students in the Duluth, Grand Rapids, International Falls, and St. Louis County districts scored below the state average on all three tests.

The Duluth School District said six of its schools scored above the state averages in reading and science, while four scored above the average in math.  Ten Duluth schools made gains in math compared with 2012 scores.

Laura MacArthur Elementary, a state Priority school, was among those making gains in math. "The school has done a lot of work tracking student progress throughout the year and adjusting strategies based on the data," said Assistant Superintendent Ed Crawford in a prepared statement.

Lincoln Park Middle School and Piedmont Elementary, state Focus schools, also posted higher math scores.

Results for districts and individual schools can be found at http://w20.education.state.mn.us/MDEAnalytics/Reports.jsp.

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