Congressman Nolan Makes Statement on Syria

Posted at: 09/02/2013 5:55 PM
Updated at: 09/02/2013 10:47 PM

Minnesota Congressman Rick Nolan released an updated statement on Syria Monday.

Rep. Nolan said that if it can be proven beyond doubt that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, he should be charged and tried in an international court.

Nolan said he will vote and work against Obama's request for open-ended authority to launch military strikes against Syria. Nolan called American involvement in the Syrian conflict "folly and danger."

"We have all heard the political supporters of an attack on Syria say they are against boots on the ground," Nolan said. "However, they ignore the reality that military attacks result in retaliation and an escalating conflict, which all too often results in new circumstances leading those same people to justify, you guessed it, boots on the ground."