Duluth's Aquaman Protects Lake and Swimmers

Posted at: 09/04/2013 8:12 PM
Updated at: 09/04/2013 10:54 PM
By: Laurie Stribling

Many people in the Northland love Lake Superior, but one Duluthian is going the extra mile to protect it.

Jim Richardson, also known as Aquaman, can be spotted on the shores of Superior all summer long. He uses an underwater camera to film his swims, but his artwork is now also serving a purpose.

Last week, Richardson found broken glass bottles on the floor of the lake near Duluth's Lakewalk.

"I was able to return and pick up all the glass using my powers for good," Richardson said. "Clean up after the bad guys."

With each deep breath, and bottle recovered, Richardson said he's preventing harm.

"I protect those who come here and I guard the lake," Richardson said. "The glass could have easily lacerated someone's foot. I brought my kid down here; we played down here a lot."

Richardson doesn't just take action under water.

"If I catch you breaking glass down here, I'll call the cops," Richardson said. "You're not suppose to have glass or booze down here."

Richardson even has a sidekick to help him out.

"I can telepathically summon a giant catfish to eat you, so look out," Richardson joked.

While Richardson is full of laughs, his love for Lake Superior is serious and he uses his videos to share the love.

"It's a way of pointing out how beautiful the lake is," Richardson said. "I don't think a lot people really know how much fun you can have down here."

Richardson has many videos under water in Lake Superior. To check them out, click here.