Who Supports or Opposes Syrian Strike?

Posted at: 09/05/2013 9:39 PM
Updated at: 09/05/2013 9:43 PM

Several Minnesota and Wisconsin lawmakers have come out either in opposition or in support of a military strike in Syria.
As of Thursday night, here's how it breaks down:
For a Strike: 
Sen. Al Franken (D) - MN
Rep. Keith Ellison (D) - MN
Rep. John Kline (D) - MN
Oppose a Strike:
Rep. Rick Nolan (D) - MN
Sen. Ron Johnson (R) - WI
Rep. Sean Duffy (R) - WI
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) - MN
Rep. Collin Peterson (D) - MN
Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) - MN
Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R) - WI
*Omitted names designate undecided, or the lawmaker has not publically commented on the issue.
The resolution granting authority for a limited strike on Syria, excluding any ground forces, is expected to be voted on by the full Senate next week.