E-Cig Empire Manager Speaks on Possible Regulations

Posted at: 09/08/2013 8:39 PM
Updated at: 09/08/2013 10:33 PM
By: Emily Haavik

Monday, Duluth's City Council will vote to decide if "e-cigs," the popular cigarette alternative, should be regulated or not.

The vote comes just days after the first e-cig store opened in Duluth, up in Village Square by the mall.

E-cig Empire Chief Manager Mike Albrecht said he does not care if the Council regulates e-cigs in places like restaurants. Outlawing the sampling that takes place in his store, though, is a different story.

"It would affect our business by making it a lot tougher for our customers to decide what they're going to like and what they're not going to like," Albrecht said. "I personally feel that it may be overstepping the city's bounds a little bit. When it comes to them being able to sample, that's a crucial part."

Albrecht said his store follows tobacco license laws and doesn't sell or sample to anyone under 18. He said the main purpose of the store is to help people quit smoking.