Animal Allies: Kitters

Posted at: 09/19/2013 8:32 AM

"We have quite a few senior kitties right now," Jennifer tells us right off the bat. And Kitters is one of them! He is 13 years old. Jennifer Connelly tells us that Kitters is a very calm cat, who likes to lay around and cuddle a lot.

Kitters and other senior cats are available for no fee adoption, and Kitters is at the Duluth shelter.  Jennifer says that Kitters would be great in a quieter household.

"We have about four barn cats that are waiting for homes right now," and Animal Allies likes to get those cats into homes while the weather is still warm. Brittany grew up on a farm, and thinks that barn cats make just as good of pets as house cats.

Once again, you can adopt Kitters at Animal Allies in Duluth. You can check their website for more information or their Facebook too.