Former UWS Student Returns to Speak on Immigration

Posted at: 09/23/2013 5:43 PM
Updated at: 09/23/2013 10:37 PM
By: Emily Haavik

A former University of Wisconsin Superior football player returned to the campus Monday to speak on immigration.

Tony Hernandez started the Immigrant Archive Project six years ago. The mission is to tell the stories of immigrants. He asks them why they left their homes, and what they've found in America.

In six years, Hernandez said the archive has interviewed 1,000 immigrants, from Academy Award winners to CEOs to the homeless.

"What we're really capturing are quintessential American stories," he said. "They're stories that are really not much different than the stories of our founding fathers. People who had to leave their countries either fleeing oppression or in search of economic opportunity, and it's a story of remarkable courage and determination."

Hernandez said he believes it's waves of immigration that are renewing the entrepreneurial spirit in America.