Family: Search for Missing Mother 'Taking its Toll'

Posted at: 10/04/2013 4:28 PM
Updated at: 10/04/2013 10:29 PM
By: Alan Hoglund

A Duluth family is urging the public to help keep the search alive now nearly three months after their mother disappeared.

Dale Elizabeth Gerard, 74, disappeared on July 20th. Since then authorities have been searching with help from the family, but they haven't had any success yet.

After Dale first disappeared, her family put up flyers and knocked on doors in the West End but they said Friday that it's not working. So Dale's daughter-in-law, Maria, has turned to social media.

"I keep putting out on Facebook then that person sends it over and over and over so it has gotten through everyone in Duluth, all my friends and family are passing it around and it is even going down to the Twin Cities," she said.

Maria, and Dale's son, Kim, said Dale is known well in the area. They said they are becoming frustrated because no one has reported seeing her.

Maria said "I'm just amazed that somebody can just literally vanish and disappear and no one sees her. That's our frustration. How can somebody just disappear like this?"

"We don't know exactly what to do. I mean we're hogtied," Kim said. "It's basically, put you in a round room and try to find a corner. Nothing is happening."

Kim said "it's taking its toll. My wife is letting me know that. I've been pretty short."

Dale was living in the Wesley Residence, an assisted living facility on the 5600 block of Grand Avenue. Then, one Saturday afternoon in July staff saw her get on a bus heading east. Her family told Eyewitness News that Dale was last seen getting off that bus at 21st Avenue West and 6th Street. That's when they said she walked down the hill and vanished.

Some of the flyers the family first posted are still up in business and apartment building windows. But they said they aren't posting more because it doesn't seem to be helping.

Police said there have been several organized searches involving the family, police, or both over the summer. Police said they have also done some searching with dogs, but that it hasn't turned up any results either.

Police are now asking hunters and hikers to be on the lookout, especially when they're in the woods. They said the another organized search could happen sometime in the late fall.