Wolf Walkers: 'Stop the Hunt!'

Posted at: 10/12/2013 7:31 PM
By: Emily Haavik

Wolf hunt opponents came together in Duluth Saturday with one message to share: Stop the hunt.

The Wolf Walk took participants down Lake Avenue to the waterfront and back to the Hillside Community Center. Many groups were involved, including Northwoods Wolf Alliance and Idle No More Duluth.

Ray Skip Sandman, Anishinaabeg elder and Duluth City Council candidate, said he feels there is no reason to hunt wolves, especially because there are compensation measures in place for those who lose livestock to wolf attacks.

"We don't need the sports hunting here," he said. "They say the wolf is a big predator, but it's doing what a wolf needs to do. It only eats what it needs to eat."

Skip Sandman also said that in Native American history, the wolf is considered a brother.