Forum Aims to Tackle Trafficking in New Way

Posted at: 10/14/2013 11:52 PM
By: Zach Hammer

Men as Peacemakers hosted a forum on Monday night, taking aim at human trafficking, and calling on men specifically to take action against prostitution.

Ed Heisler, executive director of Men as Peacemakers says that men have a powerful position in the economic equation of prostitution.

“Men have a unique opportunity to stop the demand,” said Heisler. “The vast majority of sexually exploitative activities and trafficking activities are marketed towards men. Men have the power to stand up and say ‘that’s not OK in our community.’”

Heisler points to a recent study conducted by the Duluth Trafficking Task Force in collaboration with other local nonprofits. In the month-long outreach effort, 63 people self-identified themselves as trafficking victims; 49 females, and 14 men.

The forum Monday night provided an avenue, Heisler says, to start organizing and tackling the problem of sex trafficking in a new way: taking away demand, to end the supply.