Caregiver Fired, Disciplined for Alleged Financial Exploitation

Posted at: 10/17/2013 10:53 PM

A caregiver formerly with the Duluth Regional Care Center has been fired and disciplined for allegedly financially exploiting a vulnerable adult under their care.

According to a report by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the caregiver accepted $50 payments over several months to buy an all terrain vehicle for the vulnerable adult.

The report says that the caregiver accepted $50 from the individual with developmental disabilities' "Christmas money" in 2012, and $50 from every paycheck until March 22nd, 2013.

Investigator Maggie Hanson with the Minnesota Department of Human Services estimates the total amount taken to be $350.

The caregiver did not deliver the ATV until the investigator, and then law enforcement, got involved.

When the caregiver, did eventually deliver the ATV to the vulernable adult, it was without a title of ownership or any other information regarding the vechicle.

The guardian of the victim describes them as "clearly disabled" and says there was "no reason for [caregiver] to think that [vulnerable adult] could make a deal on a vehicle on [his/her] own."

The caregiver has now been disqualified from a position allowing direct contact with persons receiving services from state-licensed facilities, as well as from unlicensed Personal Care Provider Organizations.

Read the full report here.