North Tower Avenue Open to Traffic

Posted at: 10/22/2013 5:27 PM
Updated at: 10/22/2013 10:41 PM

After six months of back doors and alleyways, North Tower Avenue businesses can use their front doors again.

Superior's major reconstruction of their main street is just about finished. Brendan Dirkes with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said the area will still look like a construction zone for another few weeks.

The road, however, is once again open to traffic. The mile-long stretch of Tower was closed in mid-April. Crews worked all summer on the "big dig." All the utilities are new and the avenue was also given a new design.

Community leaders hope the reconstruction revives Superior's downtown.

"I know a lot of you supported the businesses over the last several months to get to this point, but to those of you that maybe didn't want to get caught in construction, come back down to Tower Avenue," said Dave Minor with the Superior Chamber of Commerce. "See what it's all about, see all the businesses that are here, and really see the investment that the state and city put into this wonderful project."

The project cost $14 million, which was funded by federal, state, and local government. The avenue's last major reconstruction had been in 1935.