Carlton County Employee Terminated after Theft Charges

Posted at: 10/23/2013 10:46 PM

The woman charged with stealing money from Carlton Carty has been terminated, according to a statement from the the County. 

The statement says that Joanne Wappes was fired from her position at the transfer station on Oct. 3rd and no grievance challenging the move was filed by Wappes.

Wappes is charged with felony theft by swindle and thect of public funds in excess of $35,000. 

"Upon receiving information earlier this year that there was a possible financial impropriety at the Transfer Station, the current County administration undertook immediate steps to ensure that an investigation was conducted," the statement reads.

Since Wappes was a Carlton County employee, the St. Louis County Attorney's Office is prosecuting the case. 

Carlton County says they are reviewing their procedures for the handling of cash transactions. They also say they are reviewing all of its options for recovery of stolen funds, and will seek restitution in the criminal proceedings.