Attorney for Scannell Issues Statement

Posted at: 10/31/2013 1:06 PM
Updated at: 10/31/2013 7:51 PM

The attorney for Cook County Prosecutor Tim Scannell has released a statement, following the announcement that he is being charged with criminal sexual conduct.

The statement from Richard W. Swanson, a Grand Marais attorney, says:

Tim Scannell and his family have been under extreme stress ever since the attempt on his life in December 2011 when he was shot multiple times and nearly died in the Cook County Courthouse.

We are very sorry and disappointed that the special prosecutor appointed in this case has chosen now - after all this time, more than one year after the initial allegations arose - to bring a criminal indictment against Tim, who still works every day to deal with the PTSD, anxiety, and depression caused by the shooting.

Tim knows that he acted inappropriately and continues to apologize and make amends for his poor decision and the pain he has caused the family involved, his own family, the community, and all of their friends. He did not, however, act criminally. And all of the alleged events in this case occurred while he was suffering in the darkest hours of his severe depression.

We cannot discuss or further comment on the facts of this matter now or going forward. Unfortunately, a matter that should have been handled privately will now be decided publicly in the state's criminal justice system. We believe that the charges that have been brought cannot be supported in a court of law.