Renee Passal's Story: Becoming a Mom

Posted at: 11/14/2013 4:32 PM
Updated at: 11/14/2013 11:11 PM

Weston St. John Nelson is a happy, healthy three month old. Proud mama Renee Passal couldn't be happier about him, and her journey of becoming a mom.

He was born on August 16, at 10:29pm. But let's rewind a little bit.

Renee found out she was pregnant on the day of her company Christmas party last year. She just had a feeling, and took the pregnancy test.

Things were going fine until Christmas Eve, when the nausea began. And it wasn't morning sickness. It was all day sickness. This went on for several months.

When it finally went away, she was about five months along. And then she was getting uncomfortable in general. Renee wasn't someone who really enjoyed being pregnant. It felt like a long pregnancy.  Her co-worker Maarja said one day, "I've only ever known you pregnant."

But she and her husband made it through. After a few wonderful baby showers, the nursery was set.

Renee tried to be as prepared as possible to give birth. She went to a childbirth class, and asked her mom friends so many questions.

Her water broke after a long and hot day at work. The story she worked on? The discovery of emerald ash borer in Superior.

She and her husband went to the hospital, but actual labor didn't begin until the next morning. When the contractions became painful, she asked for an epidural. What a relief it was!

Then it was time to push. And push she did for four and a half hours. The doctor said it was like she just ran a marathon. Renee doesn't like to run!

Thanks to the nurses, doctors, and her husband, she finally delivered her boy. He was 8 lbs 5oz, and had plenty of hair. She even won the baby pool at work, having guessed a delivery time less 30 minutes from the actual birth.

The first night home was long! He didn't seem to want to eat. So they went to the lactation consultant right away, and she helped immensely.

Maternity leave went so fast. They had many visitors and did some visiting. They were never bored. Plus she was constantly learning new things about the baby. And of course she watched the news all of the time.

Coming back to work after six and a half weeks wasn't so bad. The night before she was pretty sad about bringing him to daycare. But the caregivers say he's doing great. And being back with her friends at work and the viewers is nice too.

There are some parenting cliches she's noticed are true. So Renee was really hoping for a girl. When they found out during the ultrasound that it was a boy, she was so disappointed. People said that would change when he was born. And she says, "They were right!" Also, Renee had always been a little nervous around newborns. People said, "It's different when it's your own. Again, she says they are right. And parents would tell her, "You love them more than anything." And she's found that's more than true.

Renee says she's enjoying this journey immensely, and is proud to say "Mom" is her new job title.