St. Mary's Boasts Germ-Zapping Robot

Posted at: 11/21/2013 10:49 PM

Robots are doing amazing things these days, including zapping germs at a Duluth hospital.

The robot, named Estell, uses powerful flashes of ultra-violet C-light, zapping germs in patient rooms and operating suites. She does the work in just minutes.

Essentia says it's a cutting edge addition to their cleaning policy. Their goal is to prevent infections.

And the light emitted by Estell is thousands of times more powerful than the sun.

"I think people get kind of excited. Does really show people something is happening," said Cindi Welch, infection prevention manager at St. Mary's.

St. Mary's is the first hospital in Northern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin to use the robot.

It cost around $80,000