Easing of Iran Sanctions Could Start in December

Posted at: 11/25/2013 11:13 AM

PARIS (AP) - European officials say sanctions imposed against Iran by the European Union could be eased as soon as next month.

The comments follow yesterday's deal that gives Iran six months to increase access to its nuclear sites. In exchange, Iran will be allowed to keep the core components of its uranium program. Iran would have to stop its enrichment at a level below what would be needed for nuclear weapons.

France's foreign minister says a decision from all of Europe would be necessary in order to ease the sanctions. He tells Europe 1 radio that the decision is expected "in several weeks" for what he called a "partial lifting" that would be "reversible."

A foreign affairs spokesman for the EU says the move could come in December or January.

The United States and the EU have separate sanctions on Iran. Easing the European restrictions would affect areas including trade in petrochemicals, and in gold and other precious metals.

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