Northlanders Prep for First Big Snow

Posted at: 12/02/2013 6:30 PM
Updated at: 12/02/2013 6:32 PM
By: Maarja Anderson

It was a busy morning at Denny's Lawn and Garden in Duluth. Snow can make or break their year, and a little snow storm means business.

"Everyone is complaining because they can't get through but we only have two lines,” said owner Scott Cyr with a little laugh.

So far this season they've sold 220 snow throwers. This morning, they added five more to that tally.

Cyr says one year's business all depends on the winter before.

"Actually last winter was really bad. December, January, February, and March were all real slow and then April came and we wanted to sell lawn mowers but it snowed,” Cyr explained.

All that snow in April, has people buying snow blowers now, or fixing them up.

"My dad's snow blower needed a new throttle so I'm here fixing his snow blower,” explained shopper, Michael Signorelli.

But even with a snow blower, Northlanders need shovels.

Over at Denny’s Ace Hardware they are flying off the shelf. They have a whole wall of shovels that Erin Otis is constantly restocking. They have both metal and plastic, scoop and flat shovels.

“They aren't very good for lifting snow but they are good at pushing it,” explained Otis about the flat shovels.

It's hard to keep the shovels on the shelf now, but they'll keep a good stock because as Otis says, it's hard to predict the winter.

"We know in the Northland that the season can continue all the way through April,” she said.