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Justin Liles, Chief Meteorologist
Justin Liles, Chief Meteorologist

StormTeam Outlook: Wednesday December 17th, 2014
Justin Liles, Chief Meteorologist

Maybe A Little Sunshine!

While walking along Superior St. in downtown Duluth on Wednesday, a couple approached me to talk about the weather.  It was about 12:30 pm and the clouds were working their way back in over the city.   The couple said, "Are you the weather guy?"  I replied with , "Yes".  They then replied with in a joking manner, "It was sunny out until you came along."  I laughed and replied with "My parents have been saying the same thing for years." 

Well the clouds did return and they may part briefly during the day Thursday so not all hope is lost.  There does appear to be a window of sunshine early Thursday.  It will almost be an exact repeat of what we experienced on Wednesday.  Temperatures will warm by the end of the week.  We may see some light rain out west late Friday.  The best chance for snow comes Sunday-Wednesday.  We maybe looking at a decent snow event Tuesday and Wednesday.  The arrowhead and U.P. of Michigan could see some nice Christmas Eve snow.

Have a great day.

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Chief Meteorologist Justin Liles

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