Ski and Snowmobile Trails in Price County

Posted at: 02/20/2014 9:51 AM
Updated at: 11/26/2014 3:21 PM

Winter is in all it's splender in Price County. According to the Price County Tourism Department, ski trail and snowmobile trails are in excellent condition as of February 19.

According to a press release:

Ski Trails:

All trails are being groomed on a regular basis and they are in excellent condition. Our area received about 3 inches of snow Monday and forecasters are predicting 8 – 12 inches for Thursday. The detailed trail condition information listed below is posted as soon as we receive it from the trail managers.

2/19/14 - The Palmquist Farm Trail is groomed and tracked as needed for overnight guests. The trail is currently in excellent condition. It will be groomed again on Fri., February 21. For information on the trail, lodging and lighted night skiing, call 715-564-2558.

2/18/14 - The Holy Cross Trail was rolled 2/18/14, but it was a bit sticky so the trail is not as smooth as I would like. I’m going to wait to set track due to the reported storm coming in Thursday. I plan on working the trail next on Sunday. Snowshoers are welcome, please stay off the classic track, snowshoe to the side of the track. Please don’t walk on the trail without snowshoes, the trail is hard to fix then.

2/18/14 - The Solberg Lake / Squaw Creek Trail was groomed and tracked.  Lots of new fresh snow. The track set well with a firm base. Great condition! There is a new section of trail just across Hicks Landing Road from the trailhead parking lot is very scenic. It meanders thru a tunnel of trees, providing a most picturesque winter scene. Groomed for classic skiing. Snowshoes are also welcome. We just ask that snowshoers stay off set ski tracks. It is an out and back trail about 1 mile each way. It comes out near the entrance to Solberg Lake County Park and it is one (1) mile one way. So, wax the ski’s, dig out the snowshoes and hit the trail. New maps are being created.

2/18/14 - The Phillips School Forest Trail was groomed and tracked today. Conditions are very good; some large clumps of snow have dropped on the trail with the warming that happened today.

The High Point Trail is groomed and tracked as needed. Contact the High Point Village Resort for information on current trail conditions and lighted night skiing at 715-767-5287.

Snowmobile Trails

All Price County snowmobile trails are groomed and in excellent condition. The trails are groomed twice a week by our dedicated volunteers to keep them in the best condition possible for your riding enjoyment. Our area received about 3 inches of snow Monday and forecasters are predicting 8 – 12 inches for Thursday. Please stay on marked lake trails.

Some lakes have ruts, ridges or berms where winter events or activities have been held. These areas are hard to see, especially at night.

The Ogema One Stop is closed indefinitely, advertised as business/gas location #75 on the trail map. Slow down for logging operations: north of Phillips on Trail #102, Timm’s Hill area on Trail #120 between Intersections #112 & #108, west of Prentice on Trail #181 before Intersection #101, northeast of Catawba on Trail #80 and Trail 94, west of Kennan on Trail #181, between Wilson Lake & Intersection 98 on Trail #86, and from Wilson Lake going south to intersection 68 on Trail #12/#90.

Price County Snowmobile Trails remain open through March 31.

ATV, UTV & Off Road Motorcycle Trail Report –

2/19/14 The 70-mile Flambeau Trail System (50 inch width maximum) is open to winter ATV & UTV riding. This trail is shared with snowmobilers. When the temperature is 28° Fahrenheit or colder, additional snowmobile trails open to winter ATV & UTV riding include the 26-mile Pine Line Rail Trail, Snowmobile Trail 189 (Ogema to Timm’s Hill), and Snowmobile Trails 116, 181 & 118 (Prentice area loop). The Solberg Trail (50 inch width maximum) and Georgetown Trail (65 inch width maximum) are also open. The Solberg Trail was groomed Sat., February 15. The snow is very deep and soft, but if it freezes down it will be hard enough for any travel. If you get off the trail with a ATV or UTV you could get stuck very easily. Our area received about 3 inches of snow Monday and forecasters are predicting 8 – 12 inches for Thursday. There were plans to groom the Georgetown Trail a couple of weeks ago, but that has not been confirmed yet. The Tuscobia State Trail and Flambeau River State Forest Trail are closed to ATV & UTV use until next spring.