Looking At Snowfall Total Comparisons for Duluth

Posted at: 04/10/2014 10:55 AM
Updated at: 04/14/2014 2:25 PM

You can hear the water running down the street, you can hear it dripping from the rooftops.  You can even see greenish grass when you drive around Duluth.  Could this be the end to our "freakish winter" and the end of our snow?!

Duluth experienced its 2nd most coldest winter ever recorded and the climatological winter will go down as the 6th most snowiest. But where do we stand in comparison to last year's snowfall totals?

We have broken down the stats to include the months of October - April.

Totals provided by the National Weather Service Archives.

Date Snowfall   Date Snowfall
October, 2013 0.3"      October, 2012 1.1"
November, 2013 4.7"      November, 2012 10.1"
December, 2013 39.9"      December, 2012 13.2"
January, 2014 9.4"      January, 2013 9.2"
February, 2014 29.5"      February, 2013 19.1"
March, 2014 20.9"      March, 2013 25.8"
April, 2014 (So far)  13.4"      April, 2013 50.8"
Totals: 118.1" (so far)     129.3"

Many Northlanders remember last year's late season winter storms. Over 50 inches of snow in April! Will we see this again? 

We are already a week and a half into April and many of us are hoping to exchange our snow shovels for garden shovels, our winter boots for flip flops and snow skis for jet skis. 

For what it's worth, the record snowfall in Duluth is 135.4" set back in 1995/96.  Average snowfall is 83.1."  At least we can say we are above average.