Ask Jennifer: Week ending...

Posted at: 01/04/2010 9:04 AM
Updated at: 10/06/2014 11:50 AM

Dear Jennifer,

I read that letter last week and your answer. I went through the same thing with my father. When I told them they weren’t doing their jobs, the called security! Then they started telling my father that I was out of control and might be allowed back. That’s no way to treat family. Of course I was upset. They were letting my father say he didn’t want to get up, and they weren’t making him. So if he didn’t want to eat, would they just let him starve? It isn’t good for him to just sit in that chair all day. I called the Ombudsman and was a lot of help. She got them to stay in line. After that, I only talked to the Ombudsman. Those people needed to go back to school and learn some respect. To anybody reading this: call the nursing home Ombudsman. Just ask. They gotta give you the name and phone number. Print this for your readers.

Been There Done That,

Dear Been There,

Your letter is a great example of how frustrated family that starts yelling are perceived to be the problem. This style of communication blurs the real problem, which is the question of care integrity. I am thrilled that the Ombudsman Program worked so well for you. Your father is lucky to have such a good advocate as his daughter. Please read today’s article.