Keep important information at your fingertips with a survival thumb drive

Posted at: 07/17/2012 11:04 AM

At the American Red Cross, we are always stressing the importance of creating a Preparedness Kit for in case of emergency. But what about important documents that might be easily overlooked with an emergency situation, yet are essential to have easy access to?

Creating an ICE (In Case of Emergency) thumb drive allows you to be ready in an instant with access to any information that you might need in a disaster. Simply purchase a thumb drive, label it “ICE” in permanent marker, and scan your important documents to the drive for safe keeping. It’s a great, inexpensive way to protect your family and to ensure that you one step closer to being absolutely prepared in case of emergency.

What to store on your drive
• All government-issued IDs, licenses, permits, and certificates for each family member
• Medical records, vaccination records, and health plan information
• Bank account information and credit card accounts
• Insurance information (home/auto), mortgage or rental agreement
• Wills and power of attorney
• Divorce and custody papers, as well as restraining orders
• Current photos of each family member and pet
• Emergency contact information

Keep it up to date
• Update the information regularly, especially after important life events such as births, marriages, and moves.
• Create a document on the drive title ICE (In Case of Emergency) with medical information that will be helpful to first responders.

Protect your Information
• Consider encrypting or password protecting some of the more privileged information (SS Card, bank statements). Remember that emergency personnel will need access to some of this information so don’t password protect everything.
• Store the drive in a safe location that can be result accessed in an emergency