Emotional reunion as local soldier returns home

Posted at: 08/02/2012 11:27 PM

It was an emotional reunion at the Rochester International Airport Thursday afternoon as a local soldier returned home.

Private First Class Matthew Ryan has been serving overseas for more than a year. He spent three months in Afghanistan and nine months in Germany.

His family had to wait a little longer than they wanted to because his flight was supposed to arrive Wednesday night.

After not seeing his family for a year, Ryan said he was surprised to see them waiting for him at the airport.

“It is breathtaking, it really is, being back state side after a three month tour in Afghanistan and Germany. It is a life changer. [I’m] grateful to be home. Grateful to see my family and friends.

When asked what he missed most about being away from home, Ryan said he missed the food and, of course, his family and friends.