I-Team 10 preview: Synthetic drugs sales update

Posted at: 08/09/2012 7:04 AM
By: Berkeley Brean

There is an update to our I-Team investigation into synthetic drugs. I-Team 10 has discovered some local stores are still selling it despite a ban by New York State.

We took a camera and went undercover to expose this ongoing secret.

Our producer went to a gas station in Greece, looking for synthetic marijuana -- sold as potpourri and incense. But there wasn’t any for sale. And that's what we found at a number of stores in the county.

Next stop – HC Illusions Smoke Shop. Again, we asked for incense.

News10NBC Producer: “Incense?”
Store Owner: “Spice?”
Producer: “Yeah. “
Owner: “Nope. “
Producer: “Nothing?”
Owner: “No. Don't carry it. “

The store’s owner is Frank Arieno. He says they have never sold it from day one. We asked him why. He said, “I have a child and in no way would I want my child to use that and I just don't think that it's right.”

Neither does Gowanda Early. “Well he's hooked on the fake marijuana, the spice to the point where he's gone.”

She says her son Thomas got addicted to synthetic marijuana in the past few months just before he graduated high school. The brand they say he smokes is called Avalanche. “It says it's not for human consumption. They're selling it as an incense.”

Earley says her son and his friends buy it from the Adult Outlet in Bath, New York about 20 minutes from their home. So that’s where we took our hidden camera.

We asked if they had any spice and the clerk pointed to rows of it on the wall behind the counter and Avalanche was one of them.

Join us on News10NBC at 11 after the Olympics to find out what the clerks at that store had to say and find out what the Attorney General’s Office is doing to get synthetic drugs off store shelves.