Hundreds wait in line to get iPhone 5

Posted at: 09/21/2012 4:13 PM
Updated at: 09/21/2012 8:08 PM
By: Berkeley Brean

Some of our viewers could be viewing our web and watching our broadcast on their brand new iPhone 5. They're probably also getting tired because hundreds of them waited in line over night to get their hands on the new phone.

After camping outside Eastview mall, catching some sleep, playing some games, the doors opened to everyone who wanted the first iPhone 5. And the first in line was Nalini Raj.

"Technology is exciting addicting and technology has become indispensible," Raj said.

By 8 o'clock Friday morning, Raj could feed her addiction. The doors opened for business and Raj was the first one in.
each customer got personally introduced to their own sales rep.
The young man sitting next to her, Sean Ryan walked out of the store with his new phone.

"The guy was great. We set up iCloud and everything and I'm very excited to get this open and start playing with it," Ryan said.

Eventually, Raj came out of the store with her new phone. She already has a personal attachment to it. She showed off the features, like the bigger screen.

"And also if you look at the thin, see how thin it is? It's very lighter though," she said.

Raj likes the look and feel of the iPhone 5 in her hand. But it's the zeal for learning that technology creates that got her to be first in line.

"If you don't appreciate the technology that's available now, then I don't see any purpose in any in any of the education and the awareness," she said.

5 is proving to be more popular than 4. CNN reports one estimate that based on sales in New York, Boston and Minneapolis, the lines to get iPhone 5 were 80 percent longer then the lines to get iPhone 4S this time last year.