A mother's plea for help

Posted at: 09/28/2012 12:36 AM
Updated at: 09/28/2012 1:42 PM
By: Lynette Adams

 Brittanee Drexel has been missing for three and a half years, and once again, her mother Dawn is asking questions. Dawn Drexel believes someone closer to home could hold the answer to what happened to her daughter.

In nine days, Brittanee Drexel turns 21-years-old. She disappeared in April 2009, during spring break. She had gone to Myrtle Beach with some friends she knew from Rochester, without her parents' permission.

In a letter she plans to have published in the newspaper, Dawn Drexel is calling for those acquaintances and others who were with Brittanee to come forward. She believes they could be withholding information that could help find her daughter.

The letter is three pages long. In it, Dawn Drexel outlines the events of what she says were the 60 hours her daughter was in Myrtle Beach before she disappeared.

Drexel is questioning some of the statements and information provided to police by some of the people Brittanee was traveling with. She raises questions about a man named Peter Brozowitz. Drexel says Brozowitz returned to Rochester, placing pictures of himself at a barbeque and other fun activities after Brittanee disappeared and showed no concern for someone he had known for five years.

Drexel also has questions for the girls who Brittanee rode with to Myrtle Beach. She says family members recounted  nasty remarks made about Brittanee, and how angry they were that she ruined their vacation. Drexel says some of the information they gave to the police doesn't make sense. For instance, she says they claim they were watching a baseball game that was on earlier in the evening, not at the time she says they stated. She wonders how no one saw her get in a car, talking to anyone, nothing. She says it doesn't add up.

“When they came back here, they didn't speak to anybody. They just shut their mouths and that was it,” Drexel said. “None of their parents came to me. None of those kids ever asked if they could help. They had no empathy whatsoever.”

“I've overheard some people talking and telling me that things  were said in regards to Brittanee and her disappearance and I just can't let that go and I won't. I want answers. I want to find out where my daughter is.”

We spoke with John Parrinello who  Brozowitz hired in 2009. While he says he no longer represents Brozowitz, he says his former client doesn't know anything more.

“If Dawn believes he knows more, she's hallucinating,” Parrinello said. “[Brozowitz] cooperated to the fullest extent with police. He knows nothing more.”

Parrinello goes on to say, “When Brittanee left that hotel, she made a bad mistake. It has nothing to do with Peter.”

So why is Drexel writing and publishing the letter now? Drexel says Brittanee's birthday is in nine days and these questions have been on her mind for three and a half years. She says, if not now, when?

Drexel will celebrate Brittanee's birthday in Myrtle Beach. She's hoping to take with her some new information.

We will post Drexel's letter as soon as it is published in the newspaper.