Scholar Athlete of the Week 10/9: Barizaa Worwor

Posted at: 10/09/2012 5:11 PM
Updated at: 10/10/2012 11:00 AM
By: Robin De Wind

nullWilson Magnet senior Barizaa Worwor came to the United States from Nigeria in the seventh grade. Back home it was difficult to get an education.

Barizaa Worwor, Wilson Magnet Scholar Athlete, said, “We had to walk miles and miles to school but then here it’s easy. It’s free. You have transportation.”

Barizaa's mother worked two jobs to bring him and two older siblings to Rochester in an effort to one day go to college.

Worwor said, “I try to make her proud keeping all my grades.”

The transition wasn't easy. Barizaa had to learn the language and culture. He's done an impressive job; he carries a 3.8 grade point average.

Worwor said, “My education, I wasn't that good with it. My education wasn't that high. When I speak, they don't understand. I try and try to explain, they don't get my jokes.”

What his classmates do get is his ability to play soccer. Barizaa is the goalie and team captain, something he has loved to do since he was a child.

Worwor said, “Everyday, day and night.  I play soccer after school is done home or on the field, I start playing. “

He's earned his teammates respect and led Wilson to an undefeated season last year.

Barizaa is also captain of the tennis team, a sport he only picked up recently.

Worwor said, “Everybody is born a leader, you just have to practice it to show it.”

Barizaa hopes to become a chef and is looking at the University of Buffalo, Alfred and Syracuse University.

He's realizing a dream he never thought possible.

Worwor said, “First my mom, my family not just someone who works, so college is really important for me to go to college so I’m trying to accomplish that.”

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