Students react to VP debate

Posted at: 10/11/2012 11:39 PM
By: Don Hudson

nullA small but attentive group of college students watched the Vice Presidential debate at the University of Rochester Thursday night.

Republicans, Democrats and third-party supporters were on hand.

News10NBC wanted to know if debates like this really help college kids choose a candidate.

30 U of R students gathered at Gilbert Hall to listen to candidates without a filter.

Taylor Watson said, "you get to see how they handle the pressure and maybe even the stress of the job."

Some of the sutdents sat down with an open mind, like Zenobia Smith, who said, "I'm here to support a particular candidate but I can be swayed."

Some came to cheer on one side and some came plugging their nose but willing to listen.

"I personally don't believe either party has the answers for America, but as a citizen I feel like it's my duty to be as informed as I can," Nina Fogel says.

We asked students if they believe a debate can change a vote.

Trevor Parke says, "I believe with politics, anything is possible."

Nina Fogel says, "it can't really change anything. If you're watching a debate one month before an election, you know who you're voting for."

The watch party was put on by the Committee for Political Engagement, a student-run organization.