Siena Poll finds most upstate New Yorkers in bad shape financially

Posted at: 10/12/2012 10:55 PM

nullAccording to a new poll, upstate New York is not doing well financially.

When asked whether they were doing better now than four years ago, many Siena Poll respondents said they feel worse off.

The gloomy news does not stop there -- most New York state residents believe our best economic days are behind us.

News10NBC wanted to know what people think of the poll.

Rich Logidice said, "I'm retired and I'm making it. I wouldn't want to be young and starting over."

Jake Wiemer said, "I'm pretty happy where I am, pretty steady. So, I don't really have any complaints compared to where I was four years ago."

Financial expert Lynette Baker said, "You see the economy numbers the unemployment numbers, and one week they are really great and you get excited and the next week they are down again and it's really frustrating for people."

While the majority said they are not better off than they were four years ago, it is not a blanket statement.

Some people, like Jake Wiemer, said things are going well and he has friends with businesses who are doing well too. He said, "It's tough for people doing business for years and years, but people who know what they are doing - they're doing alright."

A lot of people are feeling the impact of less money and higher prices. Arlene Logidice said, "We have to watch our money much more closely and what we are spending it on because things costs so much more.

Lynette Baker said the people with little or no work are in really bad shape and are frustrated. She said, "They keep being told that things are getting better, but they are not seeing down at their level yet."

One other number from the Siena Research Institute Poll, taken from the Rochester Business Journal, said 45% of upstate New Yorkers support a balance budget amendment.