President Bill Clinton coming to Rochester Friday to campaign for Louise Slaughter

Posted at: 10/16/2012 1:50 PM
Updated at: 10/16/2012 6:21 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

A big name is headed to Rochester in support of Louise Slaughter. President Bill Clinton is planning a trip to Rochester to support Louise Slaughter.

News10NBC confirmed that former President Bill Clinton will be holding a rally for Slaughter this Friday in Rochester. The rally is scheduled to take place this Friday at the Riverside Convention Center. Slaughter says she hopes Clinton’s visit will make the choice clear for voters.

Political experts say this is great news for Louise Slaughter. President Clinton is a sort of rock star in the political world and while there’s no guarantee he will change the numbers at all, there’s no doubt it’s getting western New York excited.

When News10NBC talked with Slaughter, she said the reason she’s using such a political heavy hitter is because of the tone this particular election has taken. She says she’s never had a campaign with so many negative ads against her. With Bill Clinton’s bipartisan appeal, especially with independent voters, Slaughter’s campaign hopes the visit will work in their favor and political experts agree.

Tim Kneeland, Political Science Professor at Nazareth College, said, “The media coverage is going to be very helpful, and again a positive spin on the campaign.  Give people thinking about the accomplishments she has and the friends she has in Washington both in the past and the present.”

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, said, “It’s wonderful. I love him. We’ll have a good rally I think and it will be food for everybody. He’s coming for Kathy and for me. So we’re very excited about it.”

Maggie Brooks’s campaign manager released a statement regarding President Clinton’s visit.

“No political rally will change Congresswoman Slaughter’s 26 year record of voting herself seven pay raises while hiking taxes on middle class families. Louise even voted against President Clinton’s historic welfare reform legislation, proving she’d rather handout trillions of dollars of our tax dollars than get millions of Americans back to work.”

Experts do not think Maggie Brooks’s campaign is in trouble. Even if the rally moves the dial a little bit, this is still an extremely close election. The latest Siena Poll saying that there’s only a 5% gap between the candidates.

The event will be held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center on Friday, October 19. Doors will open at 3:30 p.m. For tickets, click here.