Man arrested and charged with early morning stabbing in Ontario

Posted at: 10/16/2012 3:26 PM
Updated at: 10/16/2012 7:17 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

A 52-year-old Ontario man is charged with attempted murder after police say he stabbed a 24-year-old woman several times in her house early Tuesday morning.

According to the court paperwork, Barry Boekhout, 52, of Ontario, stabbed the 24-year-old eight times with a 13 inch kitchen knife.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Boekhout spend the night at the woman's house on Ridge Road in the Town of Ontario. Investigators say the two are just friends and around 4:00am Tuesday morning, they got in some kind of fight and that’s when they say Boekhout stabbed the woman multiple times in her face and torso. News10NBC has also learned that she had cuts to her hands.

The victim was taken to Rochester General Hospital where she had surgery for her wounds. News10NBC doesn’t know her condition.

Some neighbors found out about the stabbing when the school district called parents to tell then about the police investigation.

Stephen Cavitt, neighbor, said, "We got the phone call around 9:15am. It was an automated system after the situation took place. My wife and I were really nervous because they didn't really explain to us what was going on, so we were kind of paranoid, nervous and started calling people asking questions, and no one gave us any information.”

Boekhout was taken into custody around 7:00am. He was found at a restaurant right down the street from the victim’s house. Also News10NBC was told that after the alleged stabbing the victim ran to get help and she ended up flagging down and off duty deputy who was on his way to the gym and he was able to take her to get the help she needed.