Thoughts on the October 19 Brooks Slaughter Debate

Posted at: 10/20/2012 4:25 PM
By: Dr. Timothy Kneeland -- Political Blogger

October 19, 2012 voters had a chance to watch incumbent Louise Slaughter and challenger Maggie Brooks debate substantive issues as provided by the Voice of the Voter results and through the efforts of members of the local media.

The moderator in this debate was excellent.  He did a fine job of effectively taking control when the participants went beyond the prescribed time.  This in turn helped both Brooks and Slaughter keep their answers tight and focused.    This in turn kept the debate from becoming too negative.  Both participants took their turn taking digs at each other with, perhaps, Slaughter being a bit more partisan in her aspersions.  Slaughter was also more likely to be interrupted by the moderator, Sean Carroll.   

Voters who watched this or who see excerpts on the local news will see that two world views on display.   The debate was a classic battle of ideas which have been played out in their record of accomplishments.   Louise is proud of her work on behalf o women when it comes to pay equity; Maggie is proud of her efforts to provide a pathway for women to achieve individual success.  Louise is proud of her work on Obama-care which has helped people with pre-existing conditions, young people, and will help extend medicare by eight more years.   Maggie is unhappy with the methods used to pass Obama-care, unhappy about the transfer of Medicare money to Medicaid programs in other states, and that the law has done nothing to contain costs.   Both candidates agree that Congress is dysfunctional but each blames the other party.   Both agreed college education must be affordable but Louise suggested a government option, and Maggie a cost containment approach.    I could go on but you get the picture, it was a terrific debate with good questions and serious answers. 

I declare the winner to be “the Voter” since each of the candidates was up to the task of laying out, as much as anyone can in two minutes or less, their ideas.
In my next blog I return to the presidential debate which is Monday night.  Be sure to watch it on News10NBC.