Obama vs. Romney: 5 hidden factors + Nate Silver, the geeky statistician who is single-handedly dismantling the myth of Mitt-mentum

Posted at: 10/29/2012 7:53 AM
By: Ken Preston -- Political Blogger

Obama vs. Romney: 5 hidden factors
The crowning irony of the 2012 campaign is that a deadlocked election fought on the grandest conceptual battlefield — the role of the government in American life — just might turn on the small stuff.
There are still some obvious potential game changers that could shake things up — this week’s hurricane, Friday’s jobless report and a long-anticipated Romney ad blitz — and influence the outcome in unpredictable ways. But in the battleground states, the campaign has taken on the jittery character of a hand-to-hand fight in the fog, with no certain outcome


Nate Silver, the geeky statistician who is singlehandedly dismantling the myth of Mitt-mentum
When Charles Foster Kane takes one final look back at his tumultuous life, he encapsulates it in a single, immortal word: “Rosebud”. In years to come, when Mitt Romney takes a look back at this tumultuous election campaign, I suspect he may very well do the same. Except he will not speak of a cherished object, but a person: “Poblano”. http://tinyurl.com/9s37q66

With Less Time for Voting, Black Churches Redouble Their Efforts
The Rev. Eugene W. Diamond of the Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church here rarely pays attention to the clock when the spirit moves him to preach, but midsermon on Sunday, he said something unusual to his flock of hundreds: “Timing is critical, so let me hustle.”

He had already scaled back the minutes devoted to worship. Congregants had been instructed to forget wearing their Sunday best in favor of comfortable shoes because they all had work to do: moving thousands of “souls to the polls.” And they had only one Sunday to do it. http://tinyurl.com/9r3hmdz

At the end of the trail with Plouffe on Obama's ‘48-hour fly-around campaign marathon extravaganza’

WING STATES, AMERICA — “This race is ours to — land,” David Plouffe, the president’s electoral mastermind, said on the spin room floor of Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla.

Plouffe’s hesitation before landing on “land” served as a reminder that the word “lose” does not exist in the Obama vocabulary, or, for that matter, in the lexicon of any self-respecting campaign. Likewise, the campaign promoted it’s frenzied No!-Sleep!-till-Cleveland! sweep last week as a swing-state romp FORWARD! to a brighter Obama future and not a desperate, mad dash around the country to secure the battlements of his battleground fortresses. http://tinyurl.com/9hgvwco