People seek shelter at local Red Cross shelters

Posted at: 10/29/2012 11:06 PM
By: Lynette Adams

Some people have decided to spend the night in Red Cross shelters. Those who live along the lake don't have much choice.

In Webster, a good portion of Lake Road is closed. Heavy winds and rains toppled a huge tree, sending limbs and debris into the road. Peace officers cordoned off the road for the safety of motorists. They were not even letting residents through. The tree fell on power lines, knocking out power for dozens of homes.

Webster Police officers went door to door earlier during the day warning residents about the impending storm and advising them to leave. News10NBC was told not many took heed.

Karen Bingham, Webster Special Police, said, “It's a big area of concern and people need to realize that its better for then to be safe and be inconvenienced for a little while to be able to go home again.We're here all night as needed for whatever the Webster police and the residents need us for.”

RG&E crews were working on the power around 10:00pm. Peace Officers were prepared to evacuate homes. There is a Red Shelter not far away at Webster Recreation Center on Chiyoda Drive.