Large trees cause damage on Five Mile Road in Penfield

Posted at: 10/30/2012 11:35 AM
Updated at: 10/30/2012 12:52 PM
By: Christine VanTimmeren

“I never would have expected this. I thought we were safe.” Robert Garvey has lived on Five Mile Line Road in Penfield for the past 16 years. He didn't think a storm like Sandy could completely uproot the large willow tree in his front yard. “We heard the boom looked outside and we saw the shower shell, the sparks. It wasn't good. “

As the tree fell, it pulled down a telephone pole and power lines causing a transformer to explode, knocking out power to homes in the area. This happened on Five Mile Line Road near Whalen Road.

Chuck Vogt also lives on Five Mile Line Road. “I heard them. Heard them and it was like the Fourth of July -- the transformers blew. There were big explosions of light so I knew that couldn’t' be good.”

The damage didn't stop there. Garvey said, “And then a half hour later, the neighbor's tree did the same thing. Same noise, same everything. It just scared you.”

People have been stopping by all morning taking pictures and checking out the damage. RG&E doesn't know when power will be restored but it’s going to be a big job to clean up the mess. Vogt said, “We knew we had a lot of trees but we were crossing our fingers that it wouldn't happen.”

Five Mile Line Road between Whalen Road and Route 286 is closed.