Residents along Lake Ontario cleanup from Sandy

Posted at: 10/30/2012 5:06 PM
Updated at: 10/30/2012 5:42 PM
By: Ray Levato

Some people evacuated their homes along the lake in Greece last night, while others decided to ride it out.

Parts of Monroe County have been cleaning up the mess Sandy left all day. From Webster to Greece, people are seeing trees and power lines down.

Lake Ontario is relatively calm Tuesday compared with last night. It's hard to say exactly how high the highest waves were Monday night with it being dark and all, but News10NBC Chief Meteorologist Kevin Williams says at least 12 feet. News10NBC found people who decided to evacuate and those who decided to stay.

Tracy Privitera lives on Old Edgemere Drive. Her house lost a few roof shingles but her yard gained a truckload of sand.

In places, there was more sand than grass and she says at one point Monday night, she decided to leave.

Tracy Privitera said, “Well, I was home alone and when the power started flickering and I lost my TV, that's when I decided to leave. And the police did wind up coming down later and asking everybody to evacuate. My neighbors on one side didn't leave. The other side neighbors did. It's sand living on beach. This is our beach and as you can see the sand is everywhere. Normally there's a patio down here. Sand came in the upstairs bedroom windows. As you can see my sliding door, it didn't blow in there, but a couple of my bedroom windows, the sand actually blew right in.”

But next door neighbor Eric Storath decided to stay put.

Eric Storath said, “I had my electricity, I had my heat and my TV, and I couldn't see any reason to go. It was nice in the house and there was no reason for me to go. And there was no danger of any water coming up because we have so much beach out there. It was kind of scary. You could see the windows buckle, but everything worked out okay.”

As News10NBC reported last week, a saving grace for lake shore homeowners is that Lake Ontario is at historically low levels and some say the storm wasn't as bad as expected.

John Auberger, Greece Town Supervisor, said, “The storm didn't live up to its expectations.”

John Auberger is Greece Town Supervisor. He inspected areas of the town until about midnight and was back at the county's emergency operation center at 6:00 am.

Auberger said, “It looked primarily like a large wind storm through the town. There was a lot of tree debris throughout the entire community. But other than that, I was thankful for what transpired.”

For homeowners like Tracy, the beach was suddenly a lot closer. It was on her patio.

Privitera said, “Welcome to my beach. This is it. This is the sand.”

As of 3:00pm Tuesday, there were still about 2,100 customers in Greece without power still.