Meet Randy Weaver

Posted at: 11/01/2012 11:49 PM
By: Randy Weaver

My name is Randy Weaver, I am the Democratic candidate for the 133rd Assembly District. Due to redistricting, the new 133rd district includes all or part of three counties. In Monroe County, it includes the towns of Wheatland, Rush, Mendon and Pittsford. It also includes all of Livingston County and five towns in Steuben County. As a county legislator and former business owner, I am aware that there are many issues facing the distict.

Among these are the future of fracking, unfunded and underfunded state mandates, and jobs. Fracking seems to be one of the most divisive issues. I am not sold on fracking. I am aware that it will create short-term job growth for a small portion of local residents with a larger portion going to out of state employees.

In addition to the negative long-term effects this type of gas drilling can have on the environment, there are other problems as well. With the influx of out of state workers, there are serious strains put on available housing. With increased heavy truck traffic, roads are destroyed and local residents will see decreased home values.

When the New York State legislature imposed the 2-percent tax cap, it was a great day for New York State property tax payers. However, when the state forces local governments to run its programs, the 2-percent cap can be raised locally, and that gets eaten up very rapidly. In order to give the local government more control, the state needs to either take over the payment for many of the programs they mandate or allow local government to decide which programs work the best in order to create and maintain jobs.

An investment to our infrastructure also needs to be made to help address the need for greater broadband access. Within the district, all employment sectors from agriculture to high-tech manufacturing need reliable high-speed access. This would not only help to expand the agribusiness, but open the door for emerging technologies. When elected, I look forward to moving the district forward while maintaining the great quality of life we now enjoy.