Hundreds of Kodak retirees show up to special meeting on healthcare coverage

Posted at: 11/02/2012 6:33 AM
Updated at: 11/02/2012 6:04 PM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

MVP Healthcare held a number of meetings to let Kodak retirees know their options if Kodak's request to eliminate healthcare benefits for them goes through.

Hundreds showed up to the meetings at the Diplomat Party House on Friday morning and afternoon. So many people came out they actually had to turn people away. This left a group of angry people outside.

Those who got in they were pleased, saying they got the answers that they needed. But for the dozens that didn't, frustrated doesn't even begin to describe how they were feeling.

Fran Beth, retiree, said, “You have 50,000 people you expect to get them all into this little place, come on!”

News10NBC walked up to the MVP Healthcare Meeting for Kodak retirees at the Diplomat Party House and were met by people all saying the same thing.

Beth said, “Bumper to bumper, I was in line, not going up the ramp on Lyell Avenue. Waiting in line for 23 minutes to go from the exit to here.”

One woman was turned away twice. Once at the morning' meeting and once at the afternoon meeting. She is trying to get information for her mother.

Patty Langdon, said, “Well if she didn't have any coverage she would be destitute. She needs to have something to pay for the hospital bills we didn't plan on this year.”

For those who did get inside, they received paperwork and information on what health care plans they can enroll for.

John Lynch said, “I think it went very well to tell you the truth. I got a lot of good information now I just have to go home and digest it.”

Mary Antonio said, “I think our worries were repaired. I think it was more clarified for us.”

Those turned away were told to call the hotline and get the information there.

Langdon said, “I can probably get the information, whether I'll be able to understand it and get my mother to understand it, I don't know.”

A judge is expected to decide next week whether or not to uphold Kodak's request to eliminate health benefits for retirees not yet Medicare eligible.

There will be three other informational meetings

Friday November 9 at 9:00am and 11:00am at the Holiday Inn at the Rochester Airport on Brooks Avenue.

Friday November 9 at 2:00pm at Bushnell's Basin on Marsh Road.