Volunteers hope to sway voters

Posted at: 11/03/2012 9:29 PM
Updated at: 11/03/2012 9:35 PM
By: Joangel Concepcion

The political push continues for both parties in a number of key races. Hundreds of volunteers were making their rounds, even after Saturday's rallies, and they say they don't plan to stop until it's all over.

The clock is ticking and both parties are pumped up for election day. Volunteers are not calling it Super Saturday, but rather they are calling it a super weekend with both campaigns officially entering the last 72 hours before the big day.

There was a lot of excitement Saturday morning to kick-off super weekend but now its time to get serious. News10NBC went by one of the Democratic headquarters on Saturday where several volunteers were already out on the streets. Those that stayed behind, spent their time calling potential voters and stuffing packets full of voting information.

We also made it over to one of the Republican headquarters, Saturday afternoon, where volunteers were also working non-stop making phone calls. Hundreds of volunteers are planning to work around the clock, all in an effort to sway some votes towards their candidates.

Both parties agree that this is the most critical time of the campaign.

"We have hundreds of volunteers picking up packets and going to hit doors," says Eric Walker, communications director for the Louise Slaughter for Congress campaign. "Just today we have hit tens of thousands of voters through phone calls and door knocks. We're going to keep that going and we're going to keep that momentum on to election day."

"This is the most important time," says Noah Lebowitz, campaign manager for the Maggie Brooks for Congress campaign. "The commercials have been on the air and the candidates have done their work and now it's up to the voters. It's our job to remind them that the election is coming up on Tuesday and to make sure the energy is there."

Officials say there is still so much to do before election day. Both parties are open to any new volunteers and if you're interested in helping out a campaign you can visit the Slaughter campaign website by clicking here or the Brooks campaign website by clicking here.