Congresswoman Louise Slaughter defeats Maggie Brooks

Posted at: 11/07/2012 4:53 AM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

It’s being called her second-hardest fought campaign. Louise Slaughter defeated her opponent, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, and will remain the representative of the 25th Congressional District.

With 100-percent of the precincts reporting, Slaughter took the race with 57-percent of the vote while Brooks brought in just 43-percent.

Now Slaughter will start her 14th term with the House of Representatives. She has been reelected to Congress for a quarter of a century.

Slaughter spent time thanking a long list of supporters once the results were in Tuesday night. She joked about breaking her leg six months ago -- an injury that many thought would take her out of the race.

Brooks also thanked her supporters and said she is proud of the voice she and her campaign gave to so many voters.

Congresswoman Slaughter said, “We've built a campaign, our campaign withstood all the distortions, all the attacks and we sent a message that our vote, our democracy and our country are not for sale.”

Brooks said, “I think we all won tonight because we protected tax payers we talked about the challenges that we face.”

Brooks also added that she is lucky to return today to what she calls the best job in the world – Monroe County Executive – and says she and her staff there will get straight to the budget.