Election Night Lock-in at Penfield High School

Posted at: 11/07/2012 5:35 AM

Tuesday night, Penfield High School students were in class late watching the election returns come in live.

They gathered for the third ever “Election Night Lock-in.”

Penfield High School hosts this tradition for each presidential election. The students who participated are in government, politics and other social studies classes.

In addition to watching the returns, they got to play games, eat and listen to live music.

One teacher told News10NBC this allows students to learn a little more about how an election can affect them. Paul Gabbey said, “These kids understand it's not just a game or a sport. It does mean something and it has ramifications on where they go to school or how much they get for school. I think it really connects with them on a much more different level then they'd expect.”

Student Alex Murphy said, “I'm hoping people kind of get excited and see the relevance of political politics and see how it affects them and get more involved.”

News10NBC learned some high school graduates who were part of the first two lock-ins came back to be part of this one.