Henrietta Fire District holding emergency supply drive for victims of Hurricane Sandy

Posted at: 11/08/2012 4:09 AM
Updated at: 11/08/2012 7:23 PM
By: Ray Levato

The hurricane is long gone, but there are plenty of people still in need and looking for help and help is on the way. People in Henrietta donated items for the many people in New York City who are still trying to put their lives back together after Hurricane Sandy.

Henrietta firefighters teamed up with a local radio station to collect donations and they poured in all day.  People have been coming to the Henrietta Fire Station #4 on Bailey Road just off West Henrietta Road all day with items for the many people still suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

Bill Moran, WCMF Radio Host, said, “They're going to be taking this truck this afternoon down to Staten Island. We're filling it up. Some things we need that we're not getting are shovels. Believe it or not, that's something they really need down there, shovels and rakes to clean up this mess.”

WCMF Radio Host Bill Moran kept the story going on the airwaves Thursday.   They started collecting donations at 6am.

Moran said, “Well, I'm really impressed with how people are responding. That’s one of the great things about Rochester, the amount of people who care. And the one thing I think is a little different about this is that a lot of us up here have family down there. I have family on Staten Island. I know Dave Kane who does mid-days on WCMF has family down there.”

Car after car drove through the firehouse to unload the donations. Bags and boxes.
Some people drove through twice.

Dwayne Strange said, “We're extremely blessed here and we want to share that with others and pitch in and help out. It is what this country's about.”

Christine Baylor says she has relatives helping out down there.

Christine Baylor said, “I brought pet food, canned food, household cleaning supplies.”

Henrietta firefighters started loading the 28-foot truck at about 1pm. They say the hurricane survivors already have food so they focused on items to help in the cleanup. And, it's a firefighter thing.
Joe Gibaud, Henrietta Firefighter/EMT, said, “Firefighters are giving people and will always be there to help anybody. The main thing we're thinking about is, if we were in trouble here in upstate, Rochester and Buffalo area, those people from downstate and New Jersey would be the first ones up here to help us.”

Henrietta Firefighters are not asking for food or clothing, but these are some of the things they are looking for. Cleaning supplies, garbage bags, bottled water and duffel bags. Also, pet food and supplies, dust masks, work gloves, batteries and over the counter medications.

The truck is scheduled to leave at 8:00pm Thursday with a fire department escort. It's being directed to the relief efforts on Staten Island.