"Baby Mop" gets national attention

Posted at: 11/09/2012 8:44 PM
Updated at: 11/10/2012 2:09 PM
By: Don Hudson

A product that is made right in the Rochester area is getting a lot of national attention these days. It's a gag gift called a Baby Mop.
When it comes to making messes we all know that babies do a great job. We've all seen the high chair after dinner. Then there is the floor and those diapers. However, when it comes to cleaning up the house - babies are absolutely no help.
Well, the Baby Mop is about to change that. The $40 100% cotton item has what looks like sections of mops attached to the legs and arms of a onesie. Put this onesie on your infant and when they do their crawling, they'll also be doing some cleaning. Babies be warned! The free ride is O-V-E-R.
Of course, News10NBC is kidding about making your baby work. But the Baby Mop is a real product made in Webster and is being sold all over the world. Mike Parker with Better Than Pants says this is not about making your baby work.

Parker said, We wanted to have something light and fun for the holiday season. And that is where the idea came from and we put it up as a gag gift or for a photo opportunity for your child."

The product really took off recently after it was mentioned in a British newspaper and featured on a network television show.

Parker said, "It was really cool to see our product. Really something neat to see on such a large stage."

While it is a gag, the Better Than Pants website does offer a few reasons you and your infant need the Baby Mop.
1. To teach your baby a strong work ethic early in life.
2. To teach your baby not to drop and waste food.
3. Your baby will get a nice workout and muscle toning.  

You can order the Baby Mop for about $40 by going to www.betterthanpants.com