Kodak retirees weigh options

Posted at: 11/10/2012 7:18 PM
Updated at: 11/11/2012 8:42 PM

Saturday, another meeting was held for Kodak retirees who health care benefits will be eliminated at the end of the year. These meetings have attracted a lot of people, and some even have been turned away. That wasn't the case on during Saturday's meeting but it's clear retirees are still curious about their options.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved Kodak's proposal to terminate health care coverage for its retirees earlier this week. Initially, there were only a few meetings scheduled to help retirees explore other plans. However since so many were concerned about their new health care options, they had to add a few more meetings this month.

"Many of us had it for many, many years with Kodak," says Bruce Vanek. "So we haven't had to worry about it any and now, all of a sudden, we have some decisions to make."

Health care has become a huge concern for Bruce Vanek and many other Kodak retirees. Come New Year's Day, thousands of retirees will lose their current healthcare coverage. MVP Healthcare is doing what it can do to help them explore their options.

"We want them to certainly feel comfortable that they have a good, affordable option for a Medicare plan," says MVP Health Care Executive Vice President Patrick Glavey. "I think that's what we're hearing as they leave the meeting."

MVP held meetings this week to help retirees get a better understanding of new health care options. The change wasn't the best news for these men and women but many were happy about the information sessions.

"The cover plan, the dental plan, how we're going to pay it," says Kodak retiree Gail Finucani. "What's going to happen next year when I am Medicare eligible. So it was very, very informative."

More than 6,000 retirees have received help with the transition so far since the change may be a little confusing to some. These face-to-face meetings have made it a smooth ride.

Vanek says, "The cost of health, the confusion around, it was critical to try to get an understanding of what we have."

MVP has added two more meetings this month. The next one will be Monday, November 12, and the other will be on November 20. Those interested in attending should call 1-888-325-7791 to register for those meetings.